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Big Ben

(Encyclopedia) Big Ben, the bell in the Parliament tower (Westminster Palace), London, England. It was named for Sir Benjamin Hall, commissioner of works when the bell was installed in 1856. The name?

Kuhn, Bowie Kent

(Encyclopedia) Kuhn, Bowie Kent bo?o?, kyo?on, 1926?2007, American lawyer and commissioner of baseball, b. Takoma Park, Md. He was legal counsel for the baseball club owners before his election as?

Selig, Bud

(Encyclopedia) Selig, Bud (Allan H. Selig), 1934?, American baseball executive, b. Milwaukee, grad. Univ. of Wisconsin (1956). After serving in the army, he inherited his father's car dealership?

Frere, Sir Henry Bartle Edward

(Encyclopedia) Frere, Sir Henry Bartle Edward fr?r, 1815?84, British colonial administrator; nephew of John Hookham Frere. He served (1850?59) as chief commissioner of Sind, distinguishing himself?

Queensberry, James Douglas, 2d duke of

(Encyclopedia) Queensberry, James Douglas, 2d duke of, 1662?1711, Scottish statesman. One of the early supporters of William III in Scotland, he held offices under him and Queen Anne, rising to?

Giamatti, A. Bartlett

(Encyclopedia) Giamatti, A. Bartlett j???mt?, 1938?89, American educator and sports executive, b. Boston. President of Yale Univ. from 1978 to 1986, he was president of baseball's National?

traffic regulation

(Encyclopedia) traffic regulation, control of the movement of vehicles and pedestrians, chiefly on city streets. Formal regulation of motor vehicle traffic was instituted in New York City in 1903; a?

Browne, Thomas Alexander

(Encyclopedia) Browne, Thomas Alexander, pseud. Rolf Boldrewoodr?f bld?rwo?od?, rlf, 1826?1915, Australian author. A squatter, a magistrate, and a commissioner in the gold fields, he wrote many?