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Clark, William Smith

(Encyclopedia) Clark, William Smith, 1826?86, American educator, b. Ashfield, Mass., grad. Amherst, 1848, and studied chemistry and botany at Gttingen (Ph.D., 1852). He taught at Amherst until the?

Smith College

(Encyclopedia) Smith College, at Northampton, Mass.; undergraduate for women, graduate coeducational; chartered 1871, opened 1875 through a bequest of Sophia Smith. The first president, Laurenus?

Seelye, Laurenus Clark

(Encyclopedia) Seelye, Laurenus Clark, 1837?1924, American educator and Congregational clergyman, b. Bethel, Conn., grad. Union College, 1857, and studied at Andover Theological Seminary and in?

Hoover, Herbert Clark

(Encyclopedia) Hoover, Herbert Clark, 1874?1964, 31st President of the United States (1929?33), b. West Branch, Iowa. Wartime Relief Efforts After graduating (1895) from Stanford, he worked as a?

Ashton Kutcher

Name at birth: Christopher Ashton KutcherAshton Kutcher is the lanky and irreverent comic actor who also created the wacky MTV "reality" show Punk'd. Ashton Kutcher was a college dropout and sometime?

Ashton Eaton

Ashton Eaton is a Olympic gold medalist and world record holder in the decathlon and the heptathlon. He grew up in central Oregon and attended the University of Oregon, where he won the NCAA world?


(Encyclopedia) smithing: see forging.

Ashton, Sir Frederick

(Encyclopedia) Ashton, Sir Frederick, 1904?88, British choreographer and dancer, b. Guayaquil, Ecuador. He grew up in Peru and was drawn to dance after seeing (1917) a performance by Anna Pavlova?

Carter, Ashton Baldwin

(Encyclopedia) Carter, Ashton Baldwin, 1954?, U.S. political scientist and government official, b. Philadephia, Pa. Trained as a theoretical physicist, he shifted to the study of ballistic missiles?