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Glass, Montague Marsden

(Encyclopedia) Glass, Montague Marsden, 1877–1934, American humorist and playwright, b. England, educated at the College of the City of New York and at New York Univ. He won fame for…


(Encyclopedia) glass, hard substance, usually brittle and transparent, composed chiefly of silicates and an alkali fused at high temperature. Composition and Properties of…

Gloucester City

(Encyclopedia) Gloucester City, city (1990 pop. 12,649), Camden co., SW N.J., on the Delaware River, a suburb adjoining Camden and opposite Philadelphia; site of Fort Nassau (built 1623…


(Encyclopedia) city, densely populated urban center, larger than a village or a town, whose inhabitants are engaged primarily in commerce and industry. In the United States a city is…

glass fiber

(Encyclopedia) glass fiber: see fiberglass .