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Weill, Sanford I.

(Encyclopedia) Weill, Sanford I. w?l, 1933?, American business executive, b. Brooklyn, N.Y. A graduate of Cornell (1955), Sandy Weill went to work for a New York brokerage house, and in 1960 helped?

Rubin, Robert Edward

(Encyclopedia) Rubin, Robert Edward ro?ob?n, 1938?, U.S. business executive and government official, b. New York City. A graduate of Harvard, he attended the London School of Economics before?

Lew, Jack

(Encyclopedia) Lew, Jack (Jacob Joseph Lew), 1955?, American government official, b. New York City, grad. Harvard (1978), Georgetown Univ. Law School (1983). A Democrat, he first worked politics at?

Wriston, Walter Bigelow

(Encyclopedia) Wriston, Walter Bigelow, 1919?2005, American banker, b. Middletown, Conn., grad. Wesleyan (B.A., 1941); Fletcher School, Tufts Univ. (M.A., 1942). Widely considered the most important?

Enron Corporation

(Encyclopedia) Enron Corporation, U.S. company that in 2001 became the largest bankruptcy and stock collapse in U.S. history up to that time. The company was formed in 1985 when InterNorth purchased?

Jack Lew

Name at birth: Jacob J. LewJack Lew became the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury in 2013, capping 40 years of work in and around the corridors of power in Washington and New York. He has been called "?

Dow 101

Five Fundamental Facts About the Dow Jones Industrial Average The Index Is Not Truly Industrial Though its name would lead you to believe it is composed of only industrial companies, in fact the?

July 2009 Current Events: Business/Science News

U.S. News | World News Here are the key events in business and science news for the month of July 2009. Unemployment Rate Reaches 9.5%; 467,000 Jobs Lost in June (July 2): The Labor Department?

July 2003

WorldThousands Protest Proposed Law in Hong Kong (July 1): About 500,000 people participate in march against anti-subversion laws that would impose lengthy jail terms for sedition, secession?