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Lee, Ang

(Encyclopedia) Lee, Ang ng, 1954?, Taiwanese filmmaker. Lee is one of the few directors who have achieved commercial and critical success in Asia and the United States, and is also unusual in the?

Sino-Tibetan languages

(Encyclopedia) Sino-Tibetan languages, family of languages spoken by over a billion people in central and SE Asia. This linguistic family is second only to the Indo-European stock in the number of?

Chinese music

(Encyclopedia) Chinese music, the classical music forms of China. Origins and Characteristics Chinese music can be traced back as far as the third millennium &BC; Manuscripts and instruments?


(Encyclopedia) Chinese, subfamily of the Sino-Tibetan family of languages (see Sino-Tibetan languages), which is also sometimes grouped with the Tai, or Thai, languages in a Sinitic subfamily of the?

Ang Lee

Name at birth: Li AnAng Lee has directed a remarkably diverse series of films, including the clash-of-cultures comedy The Wedding Banquet (1993), the Jane Austen period romance Sense and Sensibility?

Ancient Legacy of Chinese Jews

Highlighting one thousand years of history by David Johnson Related Links Israel's Lost TribesJudaism PrimerTimeline: The HolocaustJewish Community of ShanghaiJews of ChinaSino-Judaic?


(Encyclopedia) Japan j?p?n, Jap. Nihon or Nippon, country (2015 est. pop. 127,975,000), 145,833 sq mi (377,835 sq km), occupying an archipelago off the coast of E Asia. The capital is Tokyo, which,?

Brewer's: Pigeon-English

or Pigeon-talk. A corruption of business-talk. Thus: business, bidginess, bidgin, pidgin, pigeon. A mixture of English, Portuguese, and Chinese, used in business transactions in ?The?

Most Widely Spoken Languages in the World

The modern lingua francas There are over 7,000 languages in the world, each with their own histories and sounds. All of these should be celebrated. But, some languages are much more widely spoken?

Steve Forbes

The flat tax man is in for the long haul by Beth Rowen This article was posted on December 3, 1999. Steve Forbes "When I ran four years ago, virtually every Republican denounced the flat tax?