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(Encyclopedia) Lennox, uninc. city (1990 pop. 22,757), Los Angeles co., S Calif., a residential and industrial suburb of Los Angeles.


(Encyclopedia) Charlotte, city (1990 pop. 395,934), seat of Mecklenburg co., S N.C.; inc. 1768. The largest city in the state and the commercial and industrial leader of the Piedmont region,?


(Encyclopedia) Charlotte shrl?t (Charlotte Sophia), 1744?1818, queen consort of George III of England. The niece of Frederick, duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, she was married to George in 1761 and?


(Encyclopedia) Charlotte, 1896?1985, grand duchess of Luxembourg (1919?64). The second daughter of Duke William of Nassau-Weilburg and a Portuguese princess, Marie Anne of Braganza, she succeeded her?

Lennox Lewis

Lennox LewisBorn: Sept. 2, 1965British boxer won 1988 Olympic super heavyweight gold medal for Canada; was awarded WBC heavyweight belt when Riddick Bowe tossed it in a London trash can in?

Fort Lennox

(Encyclopedia) Fort Lennox: see le-aux-Noix.

Port Charlotte

(Encyclopedia) Port Charlotte, uninc. town (1990 pop. 41,535), Charlotte co., SW Fla., on Charlotte Harbor (an inlet of the Gulf of Mexico) and the Peace and Myakka rivers. It is a planned?

Charlotte Amalie

(Encyclopedia) Charlotte Amalie ?ml?, town (2010 pop. 10,354), capital of the Virgin Islands of the United States, on St. Thomas Island. It is the commercial center of the islands, a free port, and?

Sophia Charlotte

(Encyclopedia) Sophia Charlotte z?f? shrlt?, 1668?1705, first queen of Prussia, second wife of King Frederick I, daughter of Electress Sophia of Hanover, and sister of King George I of England.?