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(Encyclopedia) Cali kl?, city (1993 pop. 1,641,498), capital of Valle del Cauca dept., W Colombia, on the Cali River. It is an industrial and commercial center of the upper Cauca valley. Coffee,?

Huila, Nevado del

(Encyclopedia) Huila, Nevado del n?vd? d?l hw?l, snow-capped volcanic mountain, 17,594 ft (5,364 m) high, on the Huila-Tolima-Cauca dept. border, S central Colombia, in the N Andes. Located c.50?

Samper Pizano, Ernesto

(Encyclopedia) Samper Pizano, Ernesto ?rn?st? smp?r p?zn?, 1950?, Colombian politician, president of Colombia (1994?98), b. Bogot. An economist, lawyer, former professor, and member of the?

Benalczar, Sebastin de

(Encyclopedia) Benalczar or Belalczar, Sebastin de s?bstyn d? b?nlkthr, b?ll?, c.1479?1551, Spanish conquistador. After accompanying Columbus on his third voyage (1498), Benalczar served?

1999 Liberatadores Cup Semifinals

Cerro Porteo vs. Deportivo Cali Deportivo Cali 4 Cerro Porteo 0 Cerro Porteo 3 Deportivo Cali 2 Deportivo Cali wins 6-3 on aggregate River Plate vs. Palmeiras River Plate 1?


(Encyclopedia) cocaine k?k?n, k?k?n, alkaloid drug derived from the leaves of the coca shrub. A commonly abused illegal drug, cocaine has limited medical uses, most often in surgical applications?

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Backward

The Question: How do you say "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" backwards? The Answer: Ah, a trick question. As viewers of Mary Poppins know, "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" is a word?

1999 Liberatadores Cup Final

Deportivo Cali 1 Palmeiras 0 Palmeiras 2 Deportivo Cali 1 Aggregate tied 2-2, Palmeiras wins 4-3 on penalty kicks Semifinals South America


(Encyclopedia) Colombia k?l?mb??, Span. k?l?mby, officially Republic of Colombia, republic (2015 est. pop. 48,229,000), 439,735 sq mi (1,138,914 sq km), NW South America. Bogot is the capital and?

1999 Liberatadores Cup

1999 Liberatadores Cup Semifinals Final Contested by the league champions of South America's football union. Two-leg Semifinals and two-leg Final; home teams listed first. Winner?