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(Encyclopedia) brownstone, red to brown variety of sandstone. Its unusual color is caused in some instances by the presence of red iron oxide which acts as a cement, binding the sand grains together?


(Encyclopedia) sandstone, sedimentary rock formed by the cementing together of grains of sand. The usual cementing material in sandstone is calcium carbonate, iron oxides, or silica, and the hardness?


(Encyclopedia) stonework, term applied to various types of work?that of the lapidary who shapes, cuts, and polishes gemstones or engraves them for seals and ornaments; of the jeweler or artisan who?

Aiken, Conrad

(Encyclopedia) Aiken, Conrad ?k?n, 1889?1973, American author, b. Savannah, Ga., grad. Harvard, 1912. Aiken is best known for his poetry, which often is preoccupied with the sound and structure of?


(Encyclopedia) Brooklyn bro?okl?n, borough of New York City (1990 pop. 2,300,664), 71 sq mi (184 sq km), coextensive with Kings co., SE N.Y., at the western extremity of Long Island; an independent?

Alfred A. Knopf, Jr. Biography

publisherBorn: June 17, 1918Died: February 15, 2009 (New York City, USA) Best Known as: publisher Alfred A. Knof, Jr.'s father, Alfred A. Knof, was the?

1995 Radio & Records All-Time Charts

1995 Radio & Records All-Time ChartsAdult Contemporary (AC)?Love Will Keep Us Alive? Eagles (Geffen)?Believe? Elton John (Rocket/Island)?Take a Bow? Madonna (Maverick/Sire/WB)?Have You?