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(Encyclopedia) Billings, city (1990 pop. 81,151), seat of Yellowstone co., S Mont., on the Yellowstone River, in a valley surrounded by seven mountain ranges; inc. as a city 1885.…

Bill of Rights

(Encyclopedia) Bill of Rights, in U.S. history: see Constitution of the United States .

Buffalo Bill

(Encyclopedia) Buffalo Bill, 1846–1917, American plainsman, scout, and showman, b. near Davenport, Iowa. His real name was William Frederick Cody. His family moved (1854) to Kansas, and…

force bill

(Encyclopedia) force bill, popular name for several laws in U.S. history, notably the act of Mar. 2, 1833, and the Reconstruction acts of May 31, 1870; Feb. 28, 1871; and Apr. 20, 1871…

Bill of Rights

(Encyclopedia) Bill of Rights, 1689, in British history, one of the fundamental instruments of constitutional law. It registered in statutory form the outcome of the long 17th-century…

Williams, Bill

(Encyclopedia) Williams, Bill: see Williams, William Sherley .

Ford, Bill

(Encyclopedia) Ford, Bill: see under Ford, Henry .