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Brewer's: Bed-rock

American slang for one's last shilling. A miner's term, called in England the ?stone-head,? and in America, the ?Bed-rock,? the hard basis rock. When miners get to this bed the mine is?

Ausable Chasm

(Encyclopedia) Ausable Chasm s?b?l, gorge, 2 mi (3.2 km) long, from 20 to 50 ft (6?15 m) wide, from 100 to 200 ft (30?61 m) deep, NE N.Y. The chasm, with its rapids, waterfalls, and curious rock?


(Encyclopedia) hydrology, study of water and its properties, including its distribution and movement in and through the land areas of the earth. The hydrologic cycle consists of the passage of water?


(Encyclopedia) caisson k?s?n, ?s?n [Fr.,=big box], in engineering, a chamber, usually of steel but sometimes of wood or reinforced concrete, used in the construction of foundations or piers in or?


(Encyclopedia) erosion ?r?zh?n, general term for the processes by which the surface of the earth is constantly being worn away. The principal agents are gravity, running water, near-shore waves, ice?


(Encyclopedia) lake, inland body of standing water occupying a hollow in the earth's surface. The study of lakes and other freshwater basins is known as limnology. Lakes are of particular?

Niagara Falls

(Encyclopedia) Niagara Falls, in the Niagara River, W N.Y. and S Ont., Canada; one of the most famous spectacles in North America. The falls are on the international line between the cities of?


(Encyclopedia) earthquake, trembling or shaking movement of the earth's surface. Most earthquakes are minor tremors. Larger earthquakes usually begin with slight tremors but rapidly take the?

Horace Mann

Horace Mann was a Massachusetts lawyer and social reformer whose advocacy of tax-supported "common schools" laid the groundwork for the American public school system. A Whig, Mann was a lawyer who?

Fred Flintstone

Fred Flintstone was the prehistoric dad in the animated comedy The Flintstones, a prime-time TV series that aired from 1960-66. Fred was a blustery, egotistical Stone Age family man who lived in the?