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(Encyclopedia) barracuda, slender, elongated fish of tropical seas. Barracudas have long snouts and projecting lower jaws armed with large, sharp-edged teeth. They are ferocious, striking at anything?

Car Names

In a Dodge Diplomat, a soccer mom feels positively patrician by Borgna Brunner 1958 Corvette Convertible Related Links Most Popular Car ColorsLeast and Most Polluting CarsMost?

English Borrows from Spanish

New World encounters bring new words by David Johnson Related Links Types of Spanish Explained Columbus's Unknown Legacy Spain Latin America Languages in the?

Words of Six or More Letters

Try the Find a Word: Crossword Search Agave, MAGUEYAlkaloid: Crystalline, ESERIN, ESERINEAlligator, CAYMANAmphibole, EDENITE, URALITEAnt: White, TERMITEAntelope: African, DIKDIK, DUIKER,?

Saltwater Fish

SpeciesLbs-OzWhere CaughtDateAnglerAlbacore88-2Gran Canaria, Canary IslandsNov. 19, 1977Siegfried DickemannAmberjack, greater155-12Challenger Bank, BermudaAug. 16, 1992Larry TrottAngelfish,?

Words of Four Letters

Try the Find a Word: Crossword Search Aborigine: Borneo, DYAKAgave, ALOEAnimal: Footless, APODAnt: White, ANAI, ANAYAntelope: African, ASSE, BISA, GUIB, KOBA, KUDU, ORYX, POKU, PUKU, TOPI,?