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(Encyclopedia) Baku: see Bak?, Azerbaijan.

Landau, Lev Davidovich

(Encyclopedia) Landau, Lev Davidovich ly?f d?v?d?v?ch l?ndou, 1908?68, Soviet physicist, b. Baku, Azerbaijan. A child prodigy in mathematics, he entered Baku Univ. at 14; at 21 he received a?


(Encyclopedia) Absheron ?psh?rnpsh?rn or Apsheron?p?, peninsula, c.40 mi (60 km) long, extending into the Caspian Sea, E Azerbaijan. It is a dry, hilly area at the eastern end of the Greater?

Black, Max

(Encyclopedia) Black, Max, 1909?88, American analytical philosopher, b. Baku, Russia (now Bak?, Azerbaijan), grad. Cambridge, Ph.D. Univ. of London, 1939. He taught at the Univ. of Illinois (1940?46?

Aliyev, Ilham

(Encyclopedia) Aliyev, Ilham ?lhm l?y?f, 1961?, Azerbaijani political leader, president of Azerbaijan (2003?), b. Baku; son of President Heydar Aliyev. He earned a degree in history from Moscow?

Miocene epoch

(Encyclopedia) Miocene epoch m??s?n, fourth epoch of the Tertiary period in the Cenozoic era of geologic time (see Geologic Timescale, table), lasting from around 24.6 to 5.1 million years ago.?


(Encyclopedia) Bak? b?k? or Bakub?ko?o, city (1991 pop. 1,782,000), capital of Azerbaijan, on the Caspian Sea. Greater Bak? includes almost the whole Absheron peninsula, on which Bak? proper is?

Oil in the Caspian Region

Source: Dept. of Energy, Energy Information Administration. The Caspian Sea region has become a central focal point for untapped oil and natural gas?

Mstislav Rostropovich Biography

cellistBorn: March 27, 1927Birthplace: Baku, AzerbaijanDied: April 27, 2007 Rostropovich was widely considered the world's greatest cellist during his lifetime?