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(Encyclopedia) Anna ăn´ə, [Gr.,=Heb. Hannah], in the Bible. 1 Aged prophetess who hailed Jesus' presentation at the Temple. 2 In the Book of Tobit, the mother of young Tobias.


(Encyclopedia) Annas ăn´əs [Gr.,=Heb. Hananiah], in the New Testament, Jewish high priest who examined Jesus. Nonbiblical sources say that he was retired high priest. His son-in-law was Caiaphas.


(Encyclopedia) Anna (Anna Ivanovna)än´nə ĭvä´nôvnə, 1693–1740, czarina of Russia (1730–40), daughter of Ivan V and niece of Peter I (Peter the Great). On the death of her distant cousin, Peter II,…

Anna Ivanovna

(Encyclopedia) Anna Ivanovna: see Anna, czarina of Russia.

Anna Leopoldovna

(Encyclopedia) Anna Leopoldovna än´nə lyā˝əpôl´dəvnə or Anna Karlovnakär´ləvnə, 1718–46, duchess of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, regent of Russia (1740–41); daughter of Charles Leopold, duke of…

Anna Comnena

(Encyclopedia) Anna Comnena än´nə kŏmnē´nə, b. 1083, d. after 1148, Byzantine princess and historian; daughter of Emperor Alexius I. She plotted, during and after her father's reign, against her…

Anna Harrison

Anna Symmes Harrison was the wife of U.S. president William Henry Harrison, but he died before she arrived in Washington to serve as the first lady. Anna was the daughter of Judge John Symmes, a…

Anna Kournikova

Anna Kournikova was a tennis sensation in the late 1990s, when her good looks and big blonde hair made her a fan favorite and a popular Internet pinup. Anna Kournikova was a prodigy who played for…

Anna Hazare

Name at birth: Kisan Baburao HazareAnna Hazare is the activist whose hunger strike in 2011 forced the Indian parliament to consider a serious anti-corruption bill after decades of delay. The moment…