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(Encyclopedia) Liliuokalani l?l?o?o??kln?, 1838?1917, last reigning queen of the Hawaiian Islands. She ascended the throne in 1891 upon the death of her brother, King Kalakaua. Her refusal to?


(Encyclopedia) Hawaii h?w??, hv?, 50th state of the United States, comprising a group of eight major islands and numerous islets in the central Pacific Ocean, c.2,100 mi (3,380 km) SW of San?

Liliuokalani Biography

LiliuokalaniHawaiian queenBorn: 1838 Queen Liliuokalani was the last reigning monarch of the Kingdom of Hawaii. She took the throne in 1891 following the death of her brother, King Kalakaua.?

Skip vs. Fancy Ray

Noms de Guerre in the '98 Election by Borgna Brunner This article was posted on November 2, 1998. Teddy, Harry, Ike, Jimmy, and Bill knew the value of a folksy nickname in politics.?


Source: Publishers Weekly. The End (A Series of Unfortunate Events #13), Lemony Snicket, illustrated by Brett Helquist?

I-A Independents Results, 1996

I-A Independents WLPFPA*Army102379224*Navy93392309East Carolina83316214Notre Dame83407181Louisiana Tech65351342Ala.-Birmingham56266279Central Florida56277261NE Louisiana56192353SW?