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(Encyclopedia) accounting, classification, analysis, and interpretation of the financial, or bookkeeping, records of an enterprise. The professional who supplies such services is known as an?


What is this job like? Accountants and auditors keep track of a company's money. The company's managers and people outside the company read their reports. Managers look at the accountants'?

Individual Retirement Account

(Encyclopedia) Individual Retirement Account (IRA), tax-sheltered retirement plan, originally created (1974) to assist individuals not covered by company pensions. Under the U.S. tax law of 1981, IRA?


No name Tell us about your work---what do you do? As an accountant for a quick service restaurant company's corporate office, I help prepare?

Accountant -- small business

Name: E Acuff Tell us about your work-what do you do? I do accounting and tax services for small businesses . Many small?

Corporate Accounting Director

Barbara Etheridge Tell us about your work -- what do you do? I am the Director of Consolidated Reporting in the corporate office of a senior care (nursing home and?

Brewer's: Account

Account? To open an account.To enter a customer's name on your ledger for the first time. (Latin, accomputare, to reckon with.) To keep open accountis when merchants agree to honour each?

The Devil's Dictionary: Accountability

by Ambrose Bierce ACCORDIONACCUSEACCOUNTABILITY -n. The mother of caution. "My accountability, bear in mind," Said the Grand Vizier: "Yes, yes," Said the Shah: "I do ? 'tis?

Brewer's: Flemish Account

A sum less than that expected. In Antwerp accounts were kept in livres, sols, and pence; but the livre or pound was only 12s. In Notes and Queries we have an example of a Flemish account,?