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(Encyclopedia) acacia ?k?sh?, any plant of the large leguminous genus Acacia, often thorny shrubs and trees of the family Leguminosae (pulse family). Chiefly of the tropics and subtropics, they are?


(Encyclopedia) wattle, in botany: see acacia.


(Encyclopedia) blackwood, name for several trees, especially an acacia.

shittim wood

(Encyclopedia) shittim wood, in the Bible, wood of the shittah tree, probably an acacia, from which the Ark of the Covenant and furniture of the Tabernacle were made. The Revised Version of the Bible?


(Encyclopedia) Girardot h?rr??t, city (1993 pop. 81,380), central Colombia, on the Bogot and Magdalena rivers. Girardot is a commercial center and a transportation hub; it has an airport. Coffee?


(Encyclopedia) catechu k?t?cho?o or cutch, extract from the heartwood of Acacia catechu, a leguminous tree of the pulse family, native to India and Myanmar. Catechu is a fast brown dye used for?


(Encyclopedia) locust, in botany, any species of the genus Robinia, deciduous trees or shrubs of the family Leguminosae (pulse family) native to the United States and Mexico. The locusts have pendent?


(Encyclopedia) mimosa m?m?s?, any tree, shrub, or herb of the genus Mimosa of the family Leguminosae (pulse family), chiefly tropical plants. They usually have feathery foliage and rounded clusters?


(Encyclopedia) pulse, in botany, common name for members of the Fabaceae (Leguminosae), a large plant family, called also the pea, or legume, family. Numbering about 650 genera and 17,000 species,?

lignum vitae

(Encyclopedia) lignum vitae l?gn?m v?t? [Lat.,=wood of life], tropical American evergreen tree of the genus Guaiacum. The hard, dense, and extremely durable wood, obtained chiefly from G.?