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(Encyclopedia) Exmouth ?ksm?th, ?smouth, town (1991 pop. 28,037), Devon, SW England, at the mouth of the Exe River. It is a port and a popular summer resort. In 1347, Exmouth provided 10 ships for?


(Encyclopedia) Tottori t?t-t?r?, city (1990 pop. 142,467), capital of Tottori prefecture, S Honshu, Japan, a port on the Sea of Japan. The city produces wood and paper items, machinery, and textiles?

Beyazid I

(Encyclopedia) Beyazid I b?yz?d, 1347?1403, Ottoman sultan (1389?1402), son and successor of Murad I. He besieged Byzantine Emperor Manuel II at Constantinople, then overcame the Turkish rulers in?


(Encyclopedia) land lnd, narrow island (1995 pop. 25,690), 520 sq mi (1,347 sq km), Kalmar co., SE Sweden, in the Baltic Sea, separated from mainland Sweden by the Kalmarsund. Borgholm is the?


(Encyclopedia) algorithm ?lg?r????m or algorism?r?z??m [for Al-Khowarizmi], a clearly defined procedure for obtaining the solution to a general type of problem, often numerical. Much of ordinary?

Aniakchak National Monument and Preserve

(Encyclopedia) Aniakchak National Monument and Preserve ?n??kch?k, on the Alaska Peninsula, SW Alaska. Located in the Aleutian Range, the monument (137,176 acres/55,556 hectares) and surrounding?


(Encyclopedia) Kalaburagi, formerly Gulbargag?lb?rg, city (1991 pop. 310,920), Karnataka state, S central India. It is along the route from Mumbai to Chennai. The city is a cotton-trading hub, with?

John VI

(Encyclopedia) John VI (John Cantacuzene)k?n?t?kyo?oz?n, c.1292?1383, Byzantine emperor (1347?54). He was chief minister under Andronicus III, after whose death he proclaimed himself emperor and?

Piotrkw Trybunalski

(Encyclopedia) Piotrkw Trybunalski pyt?rko?of tr?bo?onlsk?, Rus. Petrokov, Ger. Petrikau, city (1991 est. pop. 81,300), ?dzkie prov., central Poland. A textile center, it also manufactures wood?


(Encyclopedia) Falun fl?n?, city (1990 pop. 33,256), capital of Kopparberg co., S central Sweden; chartered 1624 and again in 1641. It is the headquarters of Sweden's oldest company, the Stora?