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(Encyclopedia) positive: see photographic processing .

Position of Notice

The notice should be positioned so as to “give reasonable notice of the claim of copyright.” The Copyright Office has issued regulations concerning the form and position of the copyright…

Position of the Upanishads in Vedic Literature

Position of the Upanishads in Vedic LiteratureIf now we ask what has been thought of the Upanishads by Sanskrit scholars or by Oriental scholars in general, it must be confessed that hitherto…

Positively Last Appearance

Positively Last Appearance“Upon my word, I feel as if I lived in a powder-magazine, and don't know which barrel will explode next, and send me flying,” said Mrs Jo to herself next day, as she…

Most Gold Gloves (by position)

Most Gold Gloves (by position) Gold Gloves have been awarded since the 1957 season by Rawlings Sporting Goods to superior major league fielders at each position in both leagues. Voting has been…