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Ro de Oro

(Encyclopedia) Ro de Oro: see Western Sahara.

Oro Valley AZ Housing Statistics

Oro valley arizona dp 4 profile of selected housing characteristics SubjectNumberPercent Total housing units14,004100.0UNITS IN STRUCTURE1-unit, detached10,66076.11-unit, attached1,?

Oro Valley (town), AZ Census Data

People QuickFactsOro ValleyArizonaPopulation, 2003 estimate 34,3555,580,811Population, percent change, April 1, 2000 to July 1, 2003 15.7%8.8%Population, 2000 29,7005,130,632Population,?

Oro Valley, AZ Demographic Statistics

NumberPercentTotal population29,700100.0SEX AND AGEMale14,41948.5Female15,28151.5Under 5 years1,4935.05 to 9 years1,7455.910 to 14 years2,0456.915 to 19 years1,6015.420 to 24 years8532.925 to?

Oro Valley, AZ Economic Statistics

NumberPercentEMPLOYMENT STATUSPopulation 16 years and over24,245100.0In labor force13,03553.8Civilian labor force12,94553.4Employed12,49551.5Unemployed4501.9Percent of civilian labor force3.5(X?

Oro Valley, AZ Housing Statistics

NumberPercentTotal housing units14,004100.0UNITS IN STRUCTURE1-unit, detached10,66076.11-unit, attached1,0807.72 units630.43 or 4 units2091.55 to 9 units4283.110 to 19 units6664.820 or more?

Oro Valley, AZ Social Statistics

NumberPercentSCHOOL ENROLLMENTPopulation 3 years and over enrolled in school6,844100.0Nursery school, preschool4276.2Kindergarten4706.9Elementary school (grades 1-8)2,97943.5High school (grades?

Vizcano, Sebastin

(Encyclopedia) Vizcano, Sebastin s?vstyn v?thk?n?, c.1550?c.1628, Spanish explorer and merchant. After an unsuccessful attempt to plant a colony in Lower California (1596), he sailed (1602) to?

Alegra, Ciro

(Encyclopedia) Alegra, Ciro s?r? l?gr?, 1909?67, Peruvian novelist. Imprisoned several times for his political activities, Alegra was exiled to Chile in 1934. He gained fame with his novel La?


(Encyclopedia) Monreale m?nr?l?, town (1991 pop. 26,256), NW Sicily, Italy, near Palermo. An agricultural market and tourist center, it commands a magnificent view of the fertile Conca d'Oro?