Phenomena, 2005: April


For terms in boldface, see Astronomical Terms.
3Jupiter is at opposition.1600
3Mars is 4° north of the Moon.2200
4Neptune is 5° north of the Moon.0900
4The Moon is at perigee.1100
5Uranus is 3° north of the Moon.2200
7Mercury is 3° north of the Moon.1400
8NEW MOON. Annular-total eclipse of the Sun.2100
11Mercury appears to be motionless in the sky as it moves toward its greatest elongation west of the Sun from a position east of the Sun as viewed from Earth.0200
13Mars is 1° 2' south of Neptune.0000
16Saturn is 5° south of the Moon.0100
16The Moon is at apogee.1900
22Jupiter is 0° 6' north of the Moon. Occulation of Jupiter by the Moon.1800
24FULL MOON. Penumbral eclipse of the Moon.1000
26Mercury is at its greatest elongation, at 27° west of the Sun.1700
26Antares, the brightest star in the constellation Scorpius, is 0° 7' south of the Moon. Occulation of Antares by the Moon.2300
29The Moon is at perigee.1000

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