Rivers and Lakes

Geography Quiz

  1. Country Capitals
  2. Continents
  3. Mountains
  4. Rivers and Lakes
  5. Flags
  1. Of the three rivers below, which is longest?
    1. Mississippi
    2. Danube
    3. Amazon

  2. Lake Ontario is the source for which river?
    1. Ohio
    2. St. Lawrence
    3. Yukon

  3. The course of which river features the world's highest waterfall?
    1. a tributary of Caroni
    2. Zambezi
    3. Niagara

  4. What is the world's second-largest lake?
    1. Superior
    2. Victoria
    3. Onega

  5. Which ocean features the greatest known depth?
    1. Caribbean Sea
    2. Indian Ocean
    3. Pacific Ocean

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