Yen Yuan


Tsze-chang asked, 'What must the officer be, who may be said to be distinguished?'

The Master said, 'What is it you call being distinguished?'

Tsze-chang replied, 'It is to be heard of through the State, to be heard of throughout his clan.'

The Master said, 'That is notoriety, not distinction.

'Now the man of distinction is solid and straightforward, and loves righteousness. He examines people's words, and looks at their countenances. He is anxious to humble himself to others. Such a man will be distinguished in the country; he will be distinguished in his clan.

'As to the man of notoriety, he assumes the appearance of virtue, but his actions are opposed to it, and he rests in this character without any doubts about himself. Such a man will be heard of in the country; he will be heard of in the clan.'