Aitareya-Aranyaka: Third Aranyaka, First Adhyâya, First Khanda

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First Adhyâya

First Khanda

1. Next follows the Upanishad of the Samhita.

2. The former half is the earth, the latter half the heaven, their union the air, thus says Mandukeya; their union is the ether, thus did Makshavya, teach it.

3. That air is not considered independent, therefore I do not agree with his (Manduka's) son.

4. Verily, the two are the same, therefore air is considered independent, thus says Agastya. For it is the same, whether they say air or ether.

5. So far with reference to deities (mythologically); now with reference to the body (physiologically):

6. The former half is speech, the latter half is mind, their union breath (prâna), thus says Suravira Mandukeya.

7. But his eldest son said: The former half is mind, the latter half speech. For we first conceive with the mind indeed, and then we utter with speech. Therefore the former half is indeed mind, the latter half speech, but their union is really breath.

8. Verily, it is the same with both, the father (Mandukeya) and the son.

9. This (meditation as here described), joined with mind, speech, and breath, is (like) a chariot drawn by two horses and one horse between them (prashlivdhana).

10. And he who thus knows this union, becomes united with offspring, cattle, fame, glory of countenance, and the world of Svarga. He lives his full age.

11. Now all this comes from the Mandukeyas.

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