I'm O'er Young To Marry Yet

      Chorus.-I'm o'er young, I'm o'er young,      I'm o'er young to marry yet;      I'm o'er young, 'twad be a sin      To tak me frae my mammy yet.       I am my mammny's ae bairn,      Wi' unco folk I weary, sir;      And lying in a man's bed,      I'm fley'd it mak me eerie, sir.      I'm o'er young, &c.       My mammie coft me a new gown,      The kirk maun hae the gracing o't;      Were I to lie wi' you, kind Sir,      I'm feared ye'd spoil the lacing o't.      I'm o'er young, &c.       Hallowmass is come and gane,      The nights are lang in winter, sir,      And you an' I in ae bed,      In trowth, I dare na venture, sir.      I'm o'er young, &c.       Fu' loud an' shill the frosty wind      Blaws thro' the leafless timmer, sir;      But if ye come this gate again;      I'll aulder be gin simmer, sir.      I'm o'er young, &c.