Farewell Song To The Banks Of Ayr

Tune-"Roslin Castle."

"I composed this song as I conveyed my chest so far on my road to Greenock, where I was to embark in a few days for Jamaica. I meant it as my farewell dirge to my native land."--R. B.

      The gloomy night is gath'ring fast,      Loud roars the wild, inconstant blast,      Yon murky cloud is foul with rain,      I see it driving o'er the plain;      The hunter now has left the moor.      The scatt'red coveys meet secure;      While here I wander, prest with care,      Along the lonely banks of Ayr.       The Autumn mourns her rip'ning corn      By early Winter's ravage torn;      Across her placid, azure sky,      She sees the scowling tempest fly:      Chill runs my blood to hear it rave;      I think upon the stormy wave,      Where many a danger I must dare,      Far from the bonie banks of Ayr.       'Tis not the surging billow's roar,      'Tis not that fatal, deadly shore;      Tho' death in ev'ry shape appear,      The wretched have no more to fear:      But round my heart the ties are bound,      That heart transpierc'd with many a wound;      These bleed afresh, those ties I tear,      To leave the bonie banks of Ayr.       Farewell, old Coila's hills and dales,      Her healthy moors and winding vales;      The scenes where wretched Fancy roves,      Pursuing past, unhappy loves!      Farewell, my friends! farewell, my foes!      My peace with these, my love with those:      The bursting tears my heart declare-      Farewell, the bonie banks of Ayr!