by Robert Burns


      Wa', waw, a wall.      Wab, a web.      Wabster, a weaver.      Wad, to wager.      Wad, to wed.      Wad, would, would have.      Wad'a, would have.      Wadna, would not.      Wadset, a mortgage.      Wae, woful, sorrowful.      Wae, wo; wae's me = wo is to me.      Waesucks, alas!      Wae worth, wo befall.      Wair, v. ware.      Wale, to choose.      Wale, choice.      Walie, wawlie, choice, ample, large.      Wallop, to kick; to dangle; to gallop; to dance.      Waly fa', ill befall!      Wame, the belly.      Wamefou, bellyful.      Wan, won.      Wanchancie, dangerous.      Wanrestfu', restless.      Ware, wair, to spend; bestow.      Ware, worn.      Wark, work.      Wark-lume, tool.      Warl', warld, world.      Warlock, a wizard      Warl'y, warldly, worldly.      Warran, warrant.      Warse, worse.      Warsle, warstle, wrestle.      Wast, west.      Wastrie, waste.      Wat, wet.      Wat, wot, know.      Water-fit, water-foot (the river's mouth).      Water-kelpies, v. kelpies.      Wauble, to wobble.      Waught, a draft.      Wauk, to awake.      Wauken, to awaken.      Waukin, awake.      Waukit (with toil), horny.      Waukrife, wakeful.      Waulie, jolly.      Waur, worse.      Waur, to worst.      Waur't, worsted, beat.      Wean (wee one), a child.      Weanies, babies.      Weason, weasand.      Wecht, a measure for corn.      Wee, a little; a wee = a short space or time.      Wee things, children.      Weel, well.      Weel-faured, well-favored.      Weel-gaun, well-going.      Weel-hain'd, well-saved.      Weepers, mournings (on the steeve or hat).      Werena, were not.      We'se, we shall.      Westlin, western.      Wha, who.      Whaizle, wheeze.      Whalpet, whelped.      Wham, whom.      Whan, when.      Whang, a shive.      Whang, flog.      Whar, whare, where.      Wha's whose.      Wha's, who is.      Whase, whose.      What for, whatfore, wherefore.      Whatna, what.      What reck, what matter; nevertheless.      Whatt, whittled.      Whaup, the curlew.      Whaur, where.      Wheep, v. penny-wheep.      Wheep, jerk.      Whid, a fib.      Whiddin, scudding.      Whids, gambols.      Whigmeleeries, crotches.      Whingin, whining.      Whins, furze.      Whirlygigums, flourishes.      Whist, silence.      Whissle, whistle.      Whitter, a draft.      Whittle, a knife.      Wi', with.      Wick a bore, hit a curling-stone obliquely and send it through an       opening.      Wi's, with his.      Wi't, with it.      Widdifu', gallows-worthy.      Widdle, wriggle.      Wiel, eddy.      Wight, strong, stout.      Wighter, more influential.      Willcat wildcat.      Willyart, disordered.      Wimple, to meander.      Win, won.      Winn, to winnow.      Winna, will not.      Winnin, winding.      Winnock, window.      Winnock-bunker, v. bunker.      Win't, did wind.      Wintle, a somersault.      Wintle, to stagger; to swing; to wriggle.      Winze, a curse.      Wiss, wish.      Won, to dwell.      Wonner, a wonder.      Woo', wool.      Woodie, woody, a rope (originally of withes); a gallows rope.      Woodies, twigs, withes.      Wooer-babs, love-knots.      Wordy, worthy.      Worset, worsted.      Worth, v. wae worth.      Wraith, ghost.      Wrang, wrong.      Wud, wild, mad.      Wumble, wimble.      Wyliecoat, undervest.      Wyte (weight), blame.      Wyte, to blame; to reproach.