by Robert Burns


      Mae, more.      Mailen, mailin, a farm.      Mailie, Molly.      Mair, more.      Maist. most.      Maist, almost.      Mak, make.      Mak o', make o', to pet, to fondle.      Mall, Mally.      Manteele, a mantle.      Mark, merk, an old Scots coin (13 1-3d. sterling).      Mashlum, of mixed meal.      Maskin-pat, the teapot.      Maukin, a hare.      Maun, must.      Maunna, mustn't.      Maut, malt.      Mavis, the thrush.      Mawin, mowing.      Mawn, mown.      Mawn, a large basket.      Mear, a mare.      Meikle, mickle, muckle, much, great.      Melder, a grinding corn.      Mell, to meddle.      Melvie, to powder with meal-dust.      Men', mend.      Mense, tact, discretion, politeness.      Menseless, unmannerly.      Merle, the blackbird.      Merran, Marian.      Mess John, Mass John, the parish priest, the minister.      Messin, a cur, a mongrel.      Midden, a dunghill.      Midden-creels, manure-baskets.      Midden dub, midden puddle.      Midden-hole, a gutter at the bottom of the dunghill.      Milking shiel, the milking shed.      Mim, prim, affectedly meek.      Mim-mou'd, prim-lipped.      Min', mind, remembrance.      Mind, to remember, to bear in mind.      Minnie, mother.      Mirk, dark.      Misca', to miscall, to abuse.      Mishanter, mishap.      Mislear'd, mischievous, unmannerly.      Mistak, mistake.      Misteuk, mistook.      Mither, mother.      Mixtie-maxtie, confused.      Monie, many.      Mools, crumbling earth, grave.      Moop, to nibble, to keep close company, to meddle.      Mottie, dusty.      Mou', the mouth.      Moudieworts, moles.      Muckle, v. meikle.      Muslin-kail, beefless broth.      Mutchkin, an English pint.