by Robert Burns


      Kae, a jackdaw.      Kail, kale, the colewort; cabbage; Scots' broth.      Kail-blade, the leaf of the colewort.      Kail-gullie, a cabbage knife.      Kail-runt, the stem of the colewort.      Kail-whittle, a cabbage knife.      Kail-yard, a kitchen garden.      Kain, kane, rents in kind.      Kame, a comb.      Kebars, rafters.      Kebbuck, a cheese; a kebbuck heel = the last crust of a cheese.      Keckle, to cackle, to giggle.      Keek, look, glance.      Keekin-glass, the looking-glass.      Keel, red chalk.      Kelpies, river demons.      Ken, to know.      Kenna, know not.      Kennin, a very little (merely as much as can be perceived).      Kep, to catch.      Ket, the fleece on a sheep's body.      Key, quay.      Kiaugh, anxiety.      Kilt, to tuck up.      Kimmer, a wench, a gossip; a wife.      Kin', kind.      King's-hood, the 2d stomach in a ruminant (equivocal for the scrotum).      Kintra, country.      Kirk, church.      Kirn, a churn.      Kirn, harvest home.      Kirsen, to christen.      Kist, chest, counter.      Kitchen, to relish.      Kittle, difficult, ticklish, delicate, fickle.      Kittle, to tickle.      Kittlin, kitten.      Kiutlin, cuddling.      Knaggie, knobby.      Knappin-hammers, hammers for breaking stones.      Knowe, knoll.      Knurl, knurlin, dwarf.      Kye, cows.      Kytes, bellies.      Kythe, to show.