by Robert Burns


      Jad, a jade.      Janwar, January.      Jauk, to trifle, to dally.      Jauner, gabber.      Jauntie, dim. of jaunt.      Jaup, splash.      Jaw, talk, impudence.      Jaw, to throw, to dash.      Jeeg, to jog.      Jillet, a jilt.      Jimp, small, slender.      Jimply, neatly.      Jimps, stays.      Jink, the slip.      Jink, to frisk, to sport, to dodge.      Jinker, dodger (coquette); a jinker noble; a noble goer.      Jirkinet, bodice.      Jirt, a jerk.      Jiz, a wig.      Jo, a sweetheart.      Jocteleg, a clasp-knife.      Jouk, to duck, to cover, to dodge.      Jow, to jow, a verb which included both the swinging motion and        pealing      sound of a large bell (R. B.).      Jumpet, jumpit, jumped.      Jundie, to jostle.      Jurr, a servant wench.