Heron Election Ballad, No. IV.

The Trogger.

Tune-"Buy Broom Besoms."

      Wha will buy my troggin, fine election ware,      Broken trade o' Broughton, a' in high repair?       Chorus-Buy braw troggin frae the banks o' Dee;      Wha wants troggin let him come to me.       There's a noble Earl's fame and high renown,      For an auld sang-it's thought the gudes were stown-      Buy braw troggin, &c.       Here's the worth o' Broughton in a needle's e'e;      Here's a reputation tint by Balmaghie.      Buy braw troggin, &c.       Here's its stuff and lining, Cardoness' head,      Fine for a soger, a' the wale o' lead.      Buy braw troggin, &c.       Here's a little wadset, Buittle's scrap o' truth,      Pawn'd in a gin-shop, quenching holy drouth.      Buy braw troggin, &c.       Here's an honest conscience might a prince adorn;      Frae the downs o' Tinwald, so was never worn.      Buy braw troggin, &c.       Here's armorial bearings frae the manse o' Urr;      The crest, a sour crab-apple, rotten at the core.      Buy braw troggin, &c.       Here's the worth and wisdom Collieston can boast;      By a thievish midge they had been nearly lost.      Buy braw troggin, &c.       Here is Satan's picture, like a bizzard gled,      Pouncing poor Redcastle, sprawlin' like a taed.      Buy braw troggin, &c.       Here's the font where Douglas stane and mortar names;      Lately used at Caily christening Murray's crimes.      Buy braw troggin, &c.       Here is Murray's fragments o' the ten commands;      Gifted by black Jock to get them aff his hands.      Buy braw troggin, &c.       Saw ye e'er sic troggin? if to buy ye're slack,      Hornie's turnin chapman-he'll buy a' the pack.      Buy braw troggin, &c.