Song-My Peggy's Charms

Tune-"Tha a' chailleach ir mo dheigh."

      My Peggy's face, my Peggy's form,      The frost of hermit Age might warm;      My Peggy's worth, my Peggy's mind,      Might charm the first of human kind.       I love my Peggy's angel air,      Her face so truly heavenly fair,      Her native grace, so void of art,      But I adore my Peggy's heart.       The lily's hue, the rose's dye,      The kindling lustre of an eye;      Who but owns their magic sway!      Who but knows they all decay!       The tender thrill, the pitying tear,      The generous purpose nobly dear,      The gentle look that rage disarms-      These are all Immortal charms.