Mally's Meek, Mally's Sweet

      Chorus-Mally's meek, Mally's sweet,      Mally's modest and discreet;      Mally's rare, Mally's fair,      Mally's every way complete.       As I was walking up the street,      A barefit maid I chanc'd to meet;      But O the road was very hard      For that fair maiden's tender feet.      Mally's meek, &c.       It were mair meet that those fine feet      Were weel laced up in silken shoon;      An' 'twere more fit that she should sit      Within yon chariot gilt aboon,      Mally's meek, &c.       Her yellow hair, beyond compare,      Comes trinklin down her swan-like neck,      And her two eyes, like stars in skies,      Would keep a sinking ship frae wreck,      Mally's meek, &c.