Her Answer

      O tell na me o' wind an' rain,      Upbraid na me wi' cauld disdain,      Gae back the gate ye cam again,      I winna let ye in, jo.       Chorus-I tell you now this ae night,      This ae, ae, ae night;      And ance for a' this ae night,      I winna let ye in, jo.       The snellest blast, at mirkest hours,      That round the pathless wand'rer pours      Is nocht to what poor she endures,      That's trusted faithless man, jo.      I tell you now, &c.       The sweetest flower that deck'd the mead,      Now trodden like the vilest weed-      Let simple maid the lesson read      The weird may be her ain, jo.      I tell you now, &c.       The bird that charm'd his summer day,      Is now the cruel Fowler's prey;      Let witless, trusting, Woman say      How aft her fate's the same, jo!      I tell you now, &c.