Ca' The Yowes To The Knowes

      Chorus.-Ca' the yowes to the knowes,      Ca' them where the heather grows,      Ca' them where the burnie rowes,      My bonie dearie       As I gaed down the water-side,      There I met my shepherd lad:      He row'd me sweetly in his plaid,      And he ca'd me his dearie.      Ca' the yowes, &c.       Will ye gang down the water-side,      And see the waves sae sweetly glide      Beneath the hazels spreading wide,      The moon it shines fu' clearly.      Ca' the yowes, &c.       Ye sall get gowns and ribbons meet,      Cauf-leather shoon upon your feet,      And in my arms ye'se lie and sleep,      An' ye sall be my dearie.      Ca' the yowes, &c.       If ye'll but stand to what ye've said,      I'se gang wi' thee, my shepherd lad,      And ye may row me in your plaid,      And I sall be your dearie.      Ca' the yowes, &c.       While waters wimple to the sea,      While day blinks in the lift sae hie,      Till clay-cauld death sall blin' my e'e,      Ye sall be my dearie.      Ca' the yowes, &c.