Song-My Lord A-Hunting

      Chorus.-My lady's gown, there's gairs upon't,      And gowden flowers sae rare upon't;      But Jenny's jimps and jirkinet,      My lord thinks meikle mair upon't.       My lord a-hunting he is gone,      But hounds or hawks wi' him are nane;      By Colin's cottage lies his game,      If Colin's Jenny be at hame.      My lady's gown, &c.       My lady's white, my lady's red,      And kith and kin o' Cassillis' blude;      But her ten-pund lands o' tocher gude;      Were a' the charms his lordship lo'ed.      My lady's gown, &c.       Out o'er yon muir, out o'er yon moss,      Whare gor-cocks thro' the heather pass,      There wons auld Colin's bonie lass,      A lily in a wilderness.      My lady's gown, &c.       Sae sweetly move her genty limbs,      Like music notes o'lovers' hymns:      The diamond-dew in her een sae blue,      Where laughing love sae wanton swims.      My lady's gown, &c.       My lady's dink, my lady's drest,      The flower and fancy o' the west;      But the lassie than a man lo'es best,      O that's the lass to mak him blest.      My lady's gown, &c.