Uri Geller

Date Of Birth:
20 December 1946
Place Of Birth:
Best Known As:
Paranormal celebrity famous for bending spoons

Uri Geller has been well-known since the 1960s for his claims that he can bend spoons or fix broken watches using the power of his mind. Geller's own web site lists many other "scientifically unexplained" powers which he says he possesses, including telepathy, dowsing, and causing seeds to sprout with the power of his mind. While he has many doubters, Uri Geller has turned his claims into a successful career as a spooky and entertaining media figure.

Extra Credit:

Uri Geller’s first name is pronounced “oori” rather than “yuri”… Geller has a long-running public feud with James Randi, a magician who specializes in debunking the paranormal… Michael Jackson was the best man at Geller’s 2001 wedding… A former paratrooper in the Israeli army, Geller fought in the Six Day War of 1967… Like Chuck Barris, Uri Geller says he once was in the secret employ of the CIA.

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