R. Buckminster Fuller

Inventor / Philosopher
Date Of Birth:
12 July 1895
Date Of Death:
1 July 1983
Place Of Birth:
Milton, Massachusetts
Best Known As:
the inventor of the geodesic dome
R. Buckminster Fuller was a 20th century inventor, mathematician and futurist. He is best known as the inventor of the geodesic dome. Philosophically Fuller was concerned with meeting the needs of a growing global civilization while reducing the use of natural resources; his inventions were meant to achieve those goals by simplifying and improving human housing and the objects of daily life. Never quite a mainstream figure, Fuller was viewed by some as an impractical dreamer but embraced by others as a visionary genius. His most famous invention, the geodesic dome, uses a series of interlocking triangles to create a lightweight, sturdy dome which needs no internal supports.
Extra Credit:

Fuller coined the phrase “Spaceship Earth.”

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