Actor / Model / Singer
Date Of Birth:
16 October 1938
Date Of Death:
18 July 1988
cerebral hemorrhage
Place Of Birth:
Cologne, Germany
Best Known As:
Spooky vocalist who was with the Velvet Underground

Name at birth: Christa Päffgen

Nico grew up in Berlin and began modelling when she was a teenager. In 1959 Federico Fellini put her in his film La Dolce Vita. The statuesque blonde lived in Paris, then moved to New York in 1960, where she hung out with guys like Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne and Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones. She met Andy Warhol and the members of the band The Velvet Underground, and with them she recorded some of her best-known songs, including the Lou Reed-penned "Femme Fatale" and "All Tomorrow's Parties." In the 1970s she made films, released solo albums and collaborated with John Cale, Brian Eno and David Bowie. In 1988 she fell off a bicycle and later died of a brain hemorrhage.

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