Lynda Carter

Actor / Singer
Date Of Birth:
24 July 1951
Place Of Birth:
Phoenix, Arizona
Best Known As:
Wonder Woman from 1970s TV show
Lynda Carter was TV's Wonder Woman in the late 1970s, starring first in a TV movie in 1975, then on the popular television series from 1976 to 1979. Lynda Carter first made her name as winner of the 1972 Miss World USA pageant. She was an aspiring singer from Phoenix when she won the lead role in The New, Original Wonder Woman (later renamed as simply Wonder Woman). A statuesque brunette, Carter played the role of Diana Prince / Wonder Woman with sincerity if not fireworks, and the role cemented her role in American TV history. The show led into the 1980s for Carter as a model, a cosmetics spokeswoman, a voiceover artist, a singer and the wife of a powerful Washington, D.C. attorney, Robert A. Altman, whom she married in 1984. In later years, the market for nostalgia and the resurgence of superheroes at the box office rekindled interest in Carter and her TV character. Israeli actress Gal Gadot played Wonder Woman in a 2016 big-budget feature film.
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