Hart Crane

Date Of Birth:
21 July 1899
Date Of Death:
27 April 1932
Place Of Birth:
Garrettsville, Ohio

Name at birth: Harold Hart Crane

Bright, volatile, short-lived and hard-drinking, Crane was in some ways an archetype of the Roaring Twenties author. Crane is best known for The Bridge (1930), an epic vision of American life with the Brooklyn Bridge as a central image. Crane is often compared to Walt Whitman, both for his modern American sensibilities and for the homoerotic imagery some find in his work. In sheer style Crane also resembled T.S. Eliot, whom he admired. Crane committed suicide by leaping from the S.S. Orizaba in 1932.

Extra Credit:

Crane was no relation to Stephen Crane, author of The Red Badge of Courage.

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