Eva Braun

Political Relative / World War II Figure
Date Of Birth:
6 February 1912
Date Of Death:
30 April 1945
suicide by cyanide
Place Of Birth:
Munich, Germany
Best Known As:
Mistress and last-minute wife of Adolf Hitler
Eva Braun was the mistress of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler from 1932 until their deaths in a suicide pact at the end of World War II. Eva Braun was working as a photographer's assistant when she met Hitler in 1929, the year she turned 17; in the following years they were rarely seen in public together, and few knew of their romantic relationship. She is most famous for her final days in April of 1945, when she joined Hitler in his command bunker in Berlin. Though given the chance to flee, she loyally remained with Hitler even as the war was clearly lost. Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler were married in the bunker on 29 April 1945. The next day they committed suicide together, she by swallowing cyanide and he by shooting himself with a pistol.
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