Claus von Stauffenberg

Soldier / World War II Figure
Date Of Birth:
15 November 1907
Date Of Death:
21 July 1944
Place Of Birth:
Jettingen, Germany
Best Known As:
The German colonel who almost killed Hitler
Count Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg is remembered as one of the tragic heroes of World War II. Born into an aristocratic German family, von Stauffenberg was a German army officer during the war but grew disillusioned with the Nazis. Eventually he joined a plot to kill Adolf Hitler. Von Stauffenberg planted a briefcase bomb during a staff meeting with Hitler on 20 July 1944. The bomb went off as planned, but by chance Hitler was shielded by a heavy conference table and survived. Von Stauffenberg escaped the blast and flew to Berlin, where he and others had hoped to lead a coup. Instead he was captured the same day and executed early the next morning.
Extra Credit:

Actor Tom Cruise played Von Stauffenberg in the 2008 film Valkyrie… Von Stauffenberg was played by actor Sebastian Koch in the 2004 German TV movie Stauffenberg, and by Brad Davis in the 1990 American TV movie The Plot to Kill Hitler.