Sonny Bono (Salvatore Bono) 1998 Deaths

Sonny Bono (Salvatore Bono)

Age: 62
singer, actor, politician

Bono started his career in showbiz as a singer and songwriter, hitting the big time in 1965 singing the song “I Got You, Babe” with his then wife Cher. The duo lasted until 1974 when they divorced. Although Cher's career soared, Bono's career floundered with guest appearances on shows like Fantasy Island and The Love Boat. A real-life chameleon, he traded in Hollywood for Washington, switching from life as an entertainer to life as a politician. Bono went from being the Mayor of Palm Springs to a U.S. Congressman. But even as a politician, Bono continued to entertain, becoming one of the most popular Republican fund-raisers with his humor and self-deprecating style. Bono died of head injuries after skiing into a tree.

Born: 1935
Died: Jan. 5, 1998.

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