Early N.L. and A.L. Pennant Winners

The National League had been around 27 years before the 1903 World Series. The A.L., however, was only in its third season when the two leagues met. The following lists account for the pennant winners in those pre-World Series years and in 1904 when the N.L. champion New York Giants refused to play Boston.

N.L. Pennant Winners, 1876–1902, '04

Year Winner Manager
1876 Chicago Al Spalding
1877 Boston Harry Wright
1878 Boston Harry Wright
1879 Providence George Wright
1880 Chicago Cap Anson
1881 Chicago Cap Anson
1882 Chicago Cap Anson
1883 Boston John Morrill
1884 Providence Frank Bancroft
1885 Chicago Cap Anson
1886 Chicago Cap Anson
1887 Detroit Bill Watkins
1888 New York Jim Mutrie
1889 New York Jim Mutrie
1890 Brooklyn Bill McGunnigle
1891 Boston Frank Selee
1892 Boston Frank Selee
1893 Boston Frank Selee
1894 Baltimore Ned Hanlon
1895 Baltimore Ned Hanlon
1896 Baltimore Ned Hanlon
1897 Boston Frank Selee
1898 Boston Frank Selee
1899 Brooklyn Ned Hanlon
1900 Brooklyn Ned Hanlon
1901 Pittsburgh Fred Clarke
1902 Pittsburgh Fred Clarke
1904 New York John McGraw

A.L. Pennant Winners, 1901–02, '04

Year Winner Manager
1901 Chicago Clark Griffith
1902 Philadelphia Connie Mack
1904 Boston Jimmy Collins

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