Champions of Leagues That No Longer Exist

Champions of Leagues That No Longer Exist

A Special Baseball Records Committee appointed by the commissioner found in 1968 that four extinct leagues qualified for major league status—the American Association (1882-91), the Union Association (1884), the Players' League (1890) and the Federal League (1914-15). The first years of the American League (1900) and Federal League (1913) were not recognized.

American Association

Year Champion Manager
1882 Cincinnati Pop Snyder
1883 Philadelphia Lew Simmons
1884 New York Jim Mutrie
1885 St. Louis Charlie Comiskey
1886 St. Louis Charlie Comiskey
1887 St. Louis Charlie Comiskey
1888 St. Louis Charlie Comiskey
1889 Brooklyn Bill McGunnigle
1890 Louisville Jack Chapman
1891 Boston Arthur Irwin

Union Association

Year Champion Manager
1884 St. Louis Henry Lucas

Players' League

Year Champion Manager
1890 Boston King Kelly

Federal League

Year Champion Manager
1914 Indianapolis Bill Phillips
1915 Chicago Joe Tinker

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