Our Top Stories for the Week of May 9, 2022

Updated May 13, 2022 | Infoplease Staff

It's been a busy week, from continued international tensions to further Covid-19 concerns. Who has time to keep track of it all? That's why we've boiled it all down to our top five stories of the week.


Tensions And Conflict Continue To Grip The World 

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  • Rwandan Refugees Risk Forced Return: On Wednesday, May 11, refugees from Rwanda remain in tenuous circumstances as UK ministers threaten to ship unauthorized asylum-seekers back to the country they fled from. The situation remains unsettled as the Home Office recieved criticizm due to its actions.[1]
  • Finland Eyes NATO Membership: On Thursday, May 12, as the Ukrainian-Russian conflict continues, security concerns around the world also escalate, including Finland. The country shares a border with Russia and has begun to question its safety, now seeking entry into NATO.[2]
  • CCTV Reveals Russian Violence: On Thursday, May 12, CCTV footage in Kyiv, Ukraine, revealed Russian soldiers acting deceptively and shooting two unarmed shop workers in the back before entering the business and looting it, in a possible war crime. One man was killed immediately while the other, Leonid Pliats, bled to death minutes later.[3]

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The Covid-19 Pandemic Is Far From Over 


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  • Deaths Nearing 1 Million In US: On Wednesday, May 11, U.S. numbers revealed the sad reality of the death toll due to the Covid-19 pandemic: at 999,000 lives lost thus far, according to Johns Hopkins, the country is poised to breach one million deaths as a tragic milestone.[1]
  • North Korea Covid Outbreak: On Thursday, May 12, North Korea announced the first outbreak of Covid-19 since the pandemic began, leading to closed borders and a lockdown in Pyongyang as health officials work to determine the cause of transmission and the extent of the situation.[2]

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