Our Top 5 Stories for the Week of November 22, 2021

Updated November 28, 2021 | Infoplease Staff

It’s been a busy week, from a new UFO taskforce to a newly discovered Covid variant. Who has time to keep track of it all? That’s why we’ve boiled it all down to our top four stories of the week.

New Covid Variant Discovered

South Africa Variant

Photo Source: AP Photo/Denis Farrell

  • Vaccine Mandates and Restrictions Continue: On Monday, November 22, the White House reported success with Biden’s vaccine mandate, highlighting that 90% of those affected have received one shot and 5% have provided an exemption card. This means 95% of those who fall under the vaccine mandate are in compliance.[1] On Monday, November 22, Kenya announced that with only 10% of its population vaccinated, it has no choice but to implement a vaccine passport. The new mandate means that 20 million adults will have 1 month to get the first dose if they’d like to enter bars and shops and use public transportation.[2] On Wednesday, November 24, New Zealand announced its 3 phase plan to reopen borders. By 2022, it will open its borders to fully vaccinated citizens and residents traveling from Australia. The next phase will allow for fully vaccinated citizens and residents to travel from anywhere else. Finally, by the end of April, New Zealand will allow forgeign travelers who have been fully vaccinated and are not coming from a country deemed “high risk”.[3] On Saturday, November 27, despite having one of the lowest vaccination rates in Europe, Switzerland voted to end Covid restrictions. Cases in Switzerland have risen by 50% in the last week, as only two-thirds of the population is vaccinated.[4]
  • Cases Worsen in Some Areas: On Wednesday, November 24, it was reported that Michigan state officials have asked for help as cases continue to rise. Officials have sent doctors and nurses to hospitals in the area for the next 30 days.[5] On November 22, the CDC moved Germany and Denmark to the “very high” risk category due to the rise in Covid cases. Many Christmas markets in Germany have already been cancelled.[6] On Monday, November 22, it was reported that a morgue in Romania had bodies piled up outside due to lack of space. Many of the bodies were due to Covid-19 deaths. The morgue normally has the capacity for 15 bodies, but it has received 41 in the past few days. Like Germany and Denmark, Romania is facing a very difficult fourth wave.[7]
  • New Variant Discovered in South Africa: On Saturday, November 27, the Omicron variant, the newest Covid variant, was discovered in South Africa. The WHO believes this variant could be more contagious.[8] Shortly following the announcement, planes traveling to Amsterdam from South Africa were quarantined, with 600 passengers being held. At least 61 of the passengers tested positive for the new variant.[9] In response, the US, UK, EU, and Canada have announced travel restrictions against South Africa and surrounding countries.[10] Despite these preventative measures, the variant has been reported in Italy, Germany, Botswana, Belgium, and Hong Kong.[11]

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Violence and Tragedies Continue to Wreak Havoc

Mall Shooting

Photo Source: AP Photo/Cliff Owen

  • Holiday Shootings and Attacks: On Monday, November 22, at least 5 people died and another 48 were injured after a driver drove through a Christmas parade in Wisconsin. Police are still investigating the attack, but the suspect appears to have a history with domestic violence.[1] On Wednesday, November 24, an 8-year-old victim succumbed to his injuries, bringing the death toll to 6.[2] On Friday, November 26, Black Friday shoppers from all over experienced shootings. A shooting in a crowded mall in Durham, North Carolina left three people injured.[3] At the Tacoma Mall in Washington, at least one person was shot following a Black Friday Shooting.[4]
  • Tragedies for Migrants in the English Channel: On Wednesday, November 24, at least 27 migrants died after their inflatable float began to sink. There were only two survivors who were taken to the hospital in critical condition.[5]
  • Siberian Coal Mine Tragedy: On Thursday, November 25, at least 52 people were killed after a gas leak in a Siberian coal mine. Six of the deaths were rescuers who were attempting to save some of the miners. Many suffocated when a ventilation shaft was filled with gas. Many miners were rescued and are now in the hospital.[6]
  • Bomb Explosion in Somalia: On Thursday, November 25, at least 8 people died and 17 people, including 13 children, were injured after a bomb exploded near a school in Somalia. Police believe the target was an armoured vehicle guarding the United Nations. Al-Shaabab claimed responsibility for the attack.[7]
  • Violent Protests on Solomon Islands: On Saturday, November 27, three bodies were found in a burned building in the capital of the Solomon Islands, Honiara. The island has been hit with civil unrest since Wednesday, with the government imposing a new curfew in an attempt to quell it. Between 7pm and 6am, only authorized personnel are allowed to move within the city of Honiara. The government has also warned all public servants to stay home for their own safety.[8] Australia has sent military personnel to Solomon Islands as the violent protests continue.[9]

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Major Elections Occur Worldwide

Sweden Election

Photo Source: AP Photo/Virginia Mayo

On Wednesday, November 24, German Chancellor Merkel’s Era officially came to an end as Olaf Scholz announced a three-party coalition to transition to a green economy. Scholz’s party also plans to legalize cannabis in licensed areas.[1] On Wednesday, November 24, Sweden elected its first female Prime Minister. Magdalena Andersson, 54, is already plagued with many challenges as the country faces a political split.[2]
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Pentagon to Study UFOs

UFO Taskforce

Photo Source: Department of Defense via AP

On Wednesday, November 24, the Pentagon announced that it will begin to study UFO sightings in restricted airspaces. The security personnel will study recent reports and assess any possible threats. Defense forces have been reporting sightings for quite some time, causing concern for safety.
Source: BBC

Storms Continue to Ravage Areas as Droughts Affect Others

Egypt Storm

Photo Source: AP Photo/Nariman El-Mofty

  • Drought in California: On Wednesday, November 24, San Francisco declared a water shortage emergency, asking residents to reduce their use by 10%. The entire state of California has been experiencing a drought for a few months. About 2.7 million people are affected by this shortage.[1]
  • Storm in Egypt: On Wednesday, November 24, CNN reported that more than 500 people have been stung by scorpions in Egypt after a severe thunderstorm displaced them a few weeks ago. At least three people have died due to the stings. The thunderstorms have also brought flash flooding to the areas.[2]
  • Storm Arwen: On Saturday, November 27, Storm Arwen thrashed through the UK, killing at least two people. Winds from the storm reached as high as 90 mph in some areas. Red weather warnings were issued the day before as meteorologists predicted this storm.[3]

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