On This Day: October 04th

This is 277th day of the year and 88 days remain in the year.

in history
The International Herald Tribune was published for the first time.
The first U.S. Open Golf tournament was held in Newport, Rhode Island.

The Soviet Union launched the first artificial satellite, Sputnik, into orbit around the earth, ushering in the Space Age and Space Race.

Pope Paul VI made the first visit to the Western Hemisphere by a reigning pope. He came to New York to address the UN General Assembly.
Rock singer Janis Joplin was found dead of a drug overdose at age 27.
The German parliament met for the first time since the reunification of Germany.
Authorities confirmed a tabloid editor in Florida had contracted anthrax. He died the next day.
John Walker Lindh, the "American Taliban," received a 20-year sentence.
October 04 BirthdaysRutherford B. Hayes1822–1893, American President
Anne Riceauthor
Buster Keatonactor
Charlton Hestonactor
Susan Sarandonactress
Rachael Leigh Cookactress
Frederic Remingtonpainter/sculptor
Jean Francois Milletpainter
Damon Runyonshort story writer
Alicia Silverstoneactress, producer

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