Tuesday, March 28, 2017

This was 87th day of the year and 278 days remained in the year.

in history
Nathaniel Briggs patented a washing machine.
The cities of Constantinople and Angora changed names to Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey.
Author Virginia Woolf drowned herself.
The most violent earthquake (9.2) in the United States struck Prince William Sound, Alaska.
Nuclear power plant accident at Three Mile Island, near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
Supreme Court rules unanimously that an anonymous tip does not justify a stop-and-frisk action against a person.
March 28 Birthdays Mario Vargas Llosa Pronunciation: [mär´yO vär´gäs yO´sä]
1936—, Peruvian novelist and politician.
Lady Gaga singer, songwriter
Fra Bartolommeo artist
Dirk Bogarde actor
August Busch brewer
Reba McEntire country singer
Rudolf Serkin pianist
Nydia Velázquez politician
Maxim Gorky writer

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