Geography Quiz

  1. Country Capitals
  2. Continents
  3. Mountains
  4. Rivers and Lakes
  5. Flags
  1. In which country is Mount Fuji located?
    1. Japan
    2. Peru
    3. North Korea

  2. In which country is Mont Blanc located?
    1. Finland
    2. Fiji
    3. France

  3. In which country is Mount Kilimanjaro located?
    1. Zimbabwe
    2. Australia
    3. Tanzania

  4. Which of the following U.S. mountains is highest?
    1. Mount Hood (Oregon)
    2. Mount McKinley (Alaska)
    3. Pike's Peak (Colorado)

  5. Which of the following mountain ranges reaches the highest altitude?
    1. Andes
    2. Pyrennees
    3. Rockies

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